Lenka Pilates - Lenka Scotton


Your classes are so well planned, you are disciplined and give us all the attention we need to work in a more focused way to achieve improvements to our body shape so that we feel both fitter, firmer and energized. I come away with a more positive sense of wellbeing and notice the difference in myself if I cannot make it to a class. Thank you for your personal approach and understanding.

- Kate

Lenka is clearly an experienced and very approachable teacher. She is understanding and has a very genial way of teaching. But one of her best strengths is the way she explains what is required in each of the movements, she helps you understand the moves to gain the most out of them and their benefits. If you wish to learn Pilates, I doubt you would find a better teacher.

- Neil

The pace of each class is great. Lenka has great awareness to keep the pressure on and the challenges appropriate. We always have fun and enjoy the class.

- Mark and Lisa

Lenka has changed my whole posture and how I hold myself doing everyday activities, waking down the street, to helping me improve my core strength for my job (Show Jumper). She has also improved my focus, stability and balance. The stretches we do really make you aware of areas that are tight, without necessarily knowing it before. I have been doing Pilates with Lenka now for about 2-3 years now and my overall body shape has improved a lot! No plans to stop!

- Emma

Lenka’s class has helped very much with my back pain, making me think about posture and stretches I can do at home and throughout the working day. Fantastic teacher, very knowledgeable. Great Class.

- Matt Riley