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Lenka Pilates - Lenka Scotton

“Practice what you preach”

I am very passionate about educating and motivating people to be physically active and I enjoy teaching Pilates as much as I enjoy practising it myself.

My Pilates journey started in 2003, when I attended a class in my local sports centre. I liked the slow pace and the controlled, precise movements that were different to ordinary fitness classes.

I have always had underlying issues due to a serious injury as a child. As my body grew, these problems became more apparent. In my early 20’s I was already suffering with annoying lower back, shoulder and jaw pain.

Pilates was helping me to strengthen the core muscles that support my spine and also to stretch muscles that were too tight, significantly reducing the pain.

I felt like I needed a better understanding of this intelligent form of exercise and was also encouraged to teach it.

A few years later I qualified as a Pilates instructor and also achieved other qualifications in Exercise to music, Aqua Aerobics, Body Jam and Body Balance and started working for various leisure centres and health clubs throughout Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. I soon gained enough experience to be able to establish my own business and focused solely on teaching Pilates in local village halls and community centres. Within a short time, my client base had grown to over a hundred regular customers ranging from teenagers through to people in their 80s.

My clients are people with all sorts of conditions and from all sorts of backgrounds; office workers, builders, members of the clergy, gardeners, teachers, nurses, doctors, amateur golfers, show jumpers, tennis players, tri-athletes and also an ex-England national football team captain!

I find I can relate to a client’s individual requirements and get a lot from seeing how the exercises have a positive effect on their bodies and minds.

Besides the rehabilitation from my childhood injury, Pilates helped enormously in my 3 pregnancies and labours, which meant that I was able to stay in control of my body and despite some complications, all 3 children were born naturally and without pain relief.

Although raising my three lovely children keeps me very busy, I love discovering what Pilates has to offer, to me and also to others. I am continually motivated to improve my skills through teaching and learning, attending workshops, conferences, festivals in the UK and abroad. On my journey so far, I have been inspired by many fantastic Pilates and Yoga teachers who have helped to create the way I teach, especially Sarah Chambers (Physiotherapist and APPI Master trainer who I have been working with and for over 5 years.

Lenka Pilates - Lenka Scotton

I look forward to getting to know you, talking about your individual needs and guiding you towards your goals.