Lenka Pilates - Lenka Scotton


The development of my inner core and leg muscles has helped me cope with my arthritic knee joints. Also my upper body strength has improved enormously. The classes are well structured but also great fun. Lenka manages to keep that difficult balance of the discipline of ensuring the exercises are done correctly but with humour!

- Ann James

The main reason I joined the Pilates class was because I suffered regular lower back pain due to hurting a muscle in my lower back 20 years ago, which I was told would continue to be a problem in the future. I have attended classes for the best part of 10 years and find I am not only flexible but now rarely have back pain. I put this down to the regularity and quality of the exercises we learn to do in class, which I find enjoyable too. I am more flexible in my body than all of my elderly friends. Thanks.

- Les Condon

I have been going to Lenka's Pilates classes since she started them in Little Kimble Village Hall about 12 years ago and can honestly say that it has helped me with balance, posture and flexibility as well as giving me the exercises to help with a stiff back. I do my best to attend every week as I enjoy it and find it very beneficial. In spite of me trying to do exercises during the summer break, it is never quite the same as working with Lenka's guidance and advice. I would highly recommend trying Pilates with Lenka - she is a very patient, caring and friendly teacher and an excellent disciple of Pilates. Many thanks Lenka.

- Angela

Lenka is a very caring and professional teacher and has time for all the members of her class whether on a professional or personal level. She encourages us to go to our full potential without forcing us and is very helpful when we have a problem with an area of our bodies that does not work so well. I have been going for about 5 years now and I enjoy going because I can concentrate on the exercises instead of my problems and at the same time improve how my body moves. Pilates has definitely helped me and I couldn’t wish for a better teacher.

- Fay

I suffer from intermittent lower back pain, and when it flares up I use some of the Pilates exercises to alleviate the problem. I know it helps and I'm sure my general posture has also improved by doing these exercises regularly. In fact, I cannot speak more highly of Lenka's classes. She is a very effective, personable and knowledgeable teacher.

- Julie Needle