Lenka Pilates - Lenka Scotton


Having suffered from back pain, due to years of playing regular golf, it was suggested to me by my chiropractor that I try Pilates or Yoga. I tried Lenka’s Pilates classes and within a few months I no longer suffered like I did before. Sadly, my golf scores have not really improved!.

- Ian Payne

I am now more far aware of my posture when sitting and standing and often find myself attempting to “straighten up”! After each class I always seem to get a good nights sleep, far better than is natural for me. Many thanks Lenka, you are an excellent and encouraging teacher.

- Bernice Scott

Lenka is an excellent Pilates teacher who is able to import her expertise without the client/student feeling overwhelmed. Although I have gaps in my Pilates sessions over the nine years with health issues, Lenka has always made me welcome and given me renewed energy and support.

- Gwen Miles

When I decided to join your Pilates class nine years ago, my aim was to use exercise to help strengthen the muscles effected by Polymyalgia. I feel the exercise and your encouragement have helped very much.

- Freda Payne

When I began doing Pilates exercises with Lenka a few years ago, there were people in the class in their 80’s who had been taking classes for 10 years, which was very encouraging for me, as a women approaching her 70’s. Since then regular classes have kept at bay the stiffness in my joints, which I find is part of aging. But most important of all the Pilates class has helped me to regain strength and confidence in my body following an operation and treatment for breast cancer.

- Helen Brackley