Lenka Pilates - Lenka Scotton


Eighteen months ago, a ten-minute walk to the shops was becoming an uncomfortable chore. Last week, I completed the second ten-mile stage of the Thames footpath - a feat I would have been unable to contemplate before undertaking Pilates lessons with such a professionally minded and accomplished teacher as Lenka. She has focused on the areas that were causing me the most difficulty with my mobility and encouraged me to practice a variety of exercises that have enabled me to become more flexible. My posture has improved, my whole sense of wellbeing is enhanced and I feel a great deal more self-confident. Lenka has truly been an inspiration.

- Delia Shaw

Some years ago, I tore a disc in my lower back. Physio and exercises resolved the initial problem, but my back would seize up about three times a year and I would be back with the physio having ultra sound treatment. Since doing Pilates with Lenka for the past 18 months, I have not had to go back to the physio once. I now recommend Pilates to anyone who complains of a bad back in my presence and I can’t thank Lenka enough for fitting me in to her classes every week.

- Jan Austin

Pilates is a great way to develop all round postural awareness and to keep fit. Under Lenka’s sensitive and challenging programmes I have derived enormous benefits to my physical and psychological wellbeing.

- Rev. James Tomkins

My husband and I started coming to Pilates with Lenka when it was suggested to my husband that it would be good for his back. That was five courses ago and we both enjoy and get a lot of benefit from it. Lenka is a very proficient teacher who is patient and caring with her pupils and also a lot of fun. She gets 10 out of 10 from both of us.

- Diane and Dennis

I always have a really good night’s sleep after Lenka’s Pilates classes, a bonus to the much needed extra strength and flexibility I receive from them.

- Rosalind